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Poll: Might Skill

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:19 pm
by Nuada99
Might is a new strength-based skill which incorporates the Climb skill (was also strength-based), and adds a new "feats of strength" ability to the domain of skills.

Formerly, feats of strength were always stat checks, using your Strength modifier plus a d20. This meant that even very strong characters, prior to around epic levels, were largely at the mercy of that d20 result to determine whether they were strong or not. A sorcerer with an 8 strength (-1 mod) and an 18 on the die roll could rip that door of the hinges, while the barbarian with the 22 strength (+6 mod) and a 3 on the die would simply look impotent. This is bad rules.

Making it a skill allows players to choose to specialize in this, gives the barbarian a skill he can really be proud of, and also excel at, since it's strength based. Of course, the sorcerer with the 8 strength could spend skill points on it also, but at least then it's something they had to put resources into, rather than just out-bruting the barbarian because they had a lucky die roll.